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For the Harder Path, Choose Entrepreneurship

I'll admit it. I tried to take shortcuts.

I was attracted to the many get rich quick aspects of the world of entrepreneurship. I believed the lie that you could simply setup a website and start making money. I wanted to make money without working too hard. I wanted the easy route.

But boy was I in for a strong dose of reality.

Over the last 10 years I have had high highs and crushing lows in my entrepreneurial journey. The world of startups can be both heaven and hell. It can be super hard but also so wonderful as well. It's fast moving and full of incredibly talented individuals.

The ideas contained in this book are a few selected from my personal approach to life and business. They have been collected over the past ten years of working online. I would love it if you gave this a quick read.

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  • “I continue to be impressed by the quality of work that Dave and the team at The Studio produce. I have been impressed with Dave’s passion and his ability to motivate people and I would highly recommend working with him and his team.”

  • “Throughout my entrepreneurial travels I’ve met a lot of people that hustle, but Dave Craige stands out from the bunch. He has an incredible amount of energy and passion for the work that he’s doing, and his energy and passion are contagious! Dave is one of the most genuine, caring, honest, and driven people I know and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

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  • “Dave's passion for helping people is infectious. He always goes out of his way to deliver exceptional work that creates results for people's businesses, and more times than not - actually improves their lives.”

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  • About the Author

    Dave Craige is the director of The Studio- a marketing and design firm.  He lives in Colorado and enjoys riding his dirtbike, writing and design.  Learn More

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