The Best of Dave Craige

4 Best Ideas so far

Stop Working - A different take on the drudgery of work

MonkDay- Striving to live simply and quietly. Taking down time.

Invisibility Prayer - Working to keep the ego in check and simply do great work.

99 Day Challenge - After 10 years of work I took 99 days off to disconnect.

8 Biggest Projects

DenimBlog - our fashion and lifestyle magazine 

The Bootcamp - our private entrepreneurship group

The Bunker - our group for digital CEO's.

400 Hour - our new book about entrepreneuership

FastFast - our latest book about the conciege economy 

Keep Cranking - our book on keeping your head down and being persistent.

Unschool - School is often boring and slow. We are working on new ways to educate people and improve their lives.

Our new medical charity (currently in stealth)

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