Hi, I'm Dave. I was blessed to build a startup that 25 million people visited. I learned so much and I believe that building a startup is more like the 400 Hour Workweek. I am writing a new book on the on demand industry called FastFast.io.  I am building a private entrepreneurship group. I have experimented a bit with being a monk (but I still love Ferraris).  You may also read more about my life philosophy.

Latest Work


Thoughts From Mexico

I took an extended Monk Day to ride over 2,000 miles on a motorcycle through Baja Mexico. Here are a few of my thoughts.



Unfortunately uber has jumped the shark.  They are paying drivers in Detroit 24 cents a mile.  That's ridiculous, nobody can live off that. It is not a living wage.  We made a website about the situation and after a month or so over 33,000  people had checked it out.  Fascinating project.



We are excited to launch our latest book, FastFast.io.  This is a close look at the on demand industry and how so many compaies are making life easer for customers to get faster goods and services 


400 Hour Workweek

 The 400 Hour Workweek is a honest, no-bullshit book about entrepreneurship and life. Check it out.


Monk Day

Monks have always interested me.  I did a challenge and for three months I would spend one day a week as a monk.  No tech for the whole day.  Here is the story and what I learned. 


The Positivity Challenge

It is so easy to fall into being negative.  In this challenge I took 90 days and tried to focus on trying to be positive and upbeat in all situations.  It didnt' go as planned.


99 Day Challenge

It is important to take time off.  After 10 years of working on my startup I took 99 days off to disconnect completely from technology.  Here is the trip report and what I learned.

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